ABC AD Co-Products Survey
Greetings ABC Member,

The ABC wants to hear from you. We are collecting information on how anaerobic digestion projects utilize their digested residuals(digestate). Your responses to the following questions will help the ABC’s AD Co-Products Working Group in its work to open new market opportunities for the use of digested residuals. This will be the first in a series of surveys you’ll receive from the Working Group throughout the year. Your participation in these surveys is critically important to the ABC’s ability to work effectively to advance the interests of the biogas industry. Please share as much information as you can and include both active and planned projects (labeled as such). Should you have any questions, please contact Josh Lieberman at or 202-640-6595. Thank you for your participation!

If you have more than 1 project operating or planned please fill out 1 survey for each.

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1. Please provide the name of your company below. *
2. Please provide your email address below *
3.  Where is your project or planned project located (state is sufficient)?
4. Is your biogas plant (or proposed plant) located on-farm or off-farm (e.g., industrial land)?
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5. Please select the item that best describes the type of feedstock that you expect to process at your biogas plant.  
* Off-farm organics means anything sourced from places other than a farming operation not including solids derived from municipal waste water treatment plants.
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6. Please check any of the boxes that best describe the characteristics of off-farm organics you are, or will be, processing.
6a. If you checked "other" above, include the characteristic here.
7. If you currently do not use any off-farm generated organics but would like to, please briefly describe your current barriers to access.  Examples include available tipping fees, trucking distances, permitting, physical impurity (contaminants) levels, etc.
8. If you are currently allowed to use off-farm organics, what volume or percentage do your current regulations allow?
9. Do you currently process leaf and yard waste (such as grass clippings, shrubs, branches & landscaping wastes) in your biogas plant?
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10 Do you apply or take raw digestate (unseparated) to agricultural land?
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