Thank you for taking the time out to fill out this questionnaire. This form is being used to collect data that can go on to inform a comprehensive, global dataset on the prevalence, increase, and related matters concerning gender-based violence (across the spectrum) during the global lockdown toward COVID-19 containment.

In this form, you will find two sections.

The first section gathers information about your organization. We would like to list all the organizations that fill out this survey as our field partners and supporting organization on our website. However, this IS optional. Please indicate in the checkbox if you would like to be listed on our website as a partner. While we do ask for your contact information, we undertake that we will not reveal any contact information and will maintain it on our records for follow up updates, questions, and information sharing ONLY.

The second section asks you a series of questions that call for granular data reporting from your work on ground. Please be as specific as you can as these data points are valuable towards building a comprehensive dataset. Through your generous contribution of information, you are helping create a massive dataset that can be used to call for change, policy intervention, legal and structural change, and other meaningful interventions across the world. We appreciate your time and support on this front and are immensely grateful to work with you on this.

The survey wil take between 30 and 45 minutes to fill out. To make it easier, you may collate all your information at your end first before filling this out.

The COVID-GBV Tracker has been created, run, and maintained by a team of 12 dedicated volunteers constituting a specific task force at The Gender Security Project. if you find other synergies / areas we can collaborate on, or if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to
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