Dictatorshop Survey
We have been expanding our range of products in the past year, incorporating additional pieces, trying new techniques in mesh. We want to be sure we are heading in the right direction to not only bring the store new attention, but also to be really aware of our current customer base and their needs. There are some observations we have made, and we would like your input as we move forward. I hope you will fill in this survey to the best of your abilities and if you have any questions please contact DictatorshopSupport Resident.
How long have you been a customer of Dictatorshop
How did you find Dictatorshop
How do you hear of "NEW" Dictatorshop releases
Do you purchase Dictatorshop items for Personal use
Do you purchase Dictatorshop items for an open to the public play area
Do you or would you ever gift Dictatorshop items
Do you use Marketplace to purchase Dictatorshop items
Do you use Advanced Lighting in Graphics settings - this allows you to see Materials used on products
How do you control the lighting/sky in your environment
What viewer do you use
Do you have RLV Enabled on your viewer
When purchasing Dictatorshop items are you doing so for the animations or for the item itself
If there were less animations included - decreasing the cost of the item - would you be more likely to buy more Dictatorshop for your home/play area
Adult and PG
We will be offering PG and Adult options in many of our pieces going forward. This will allow for collections to grow with pieces that do not need to be scripted for play, or can just be decor items.
Adult Question - Sex Gens Bondage Furniture - What do you purchase
we have various options for our sex gens included in Adult options.
Do you use a lot of the options in the type chosen
Would you like non Adult options in the Adult sets
When using the equipment or furniture, do you find the placement of the poses satisfactory for your height as a starting point
What kind of furniture/decor would you like to see added to our existing and future ranges
What kind of themes are you interested in
Do you find the information provided with items clear and understandable
How do you prefer the information is provided
Texture Change Button
Currently the texture change button is our logo placed on the back of the furniture. We realise that not everyone wants a brand visible on every item so we are looking for the best alternatives
Texture Options
We currently have many add on colour/print packs to buy with furniture, we want to have a more cohesive look across the brand. What are your preferences.
HUD or Button
If given the choice, would you prefer to change your furniture by clicking the furniture or wearing a HUD from the items folder?
Are there particular types of Fabrics you prefer
Are there base types you prefer
What kind of Accessories would you like to see at Dictatorshop
Would you like to see more outdoor items
If you have any suggestions please include them below to be considered
Your answer
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