Wearable NFTs
Hello, we are a group of students attending a Business of Fashion course. We are currently researching for our final thesis that combines the NFTs world together with fashion. Please, help us to collect data! It will only take a minute. Thank you for the support!
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Are you... *
Do you own at least one NFT? *
If yes, why have you purchased it?
Would you purchase NFTs to personalize your garments? *
Would you define yourself as NFTs collector? *
Do you appreciate the uniqueness of NFTs? *
Are you aware of the current trend of bringing NFTs into real life?                                      https://blog.zerion.io/your-favorite-nfts-on-your-apple-watch-bca1b15c57c *
Would you like to show off your NFT to the outer world, in real life, by having them displayed on clothes? *
Would you purchase more NFTs to modify what to display on your garment? *
Would you spend more money on unique and personalized clothes? Meaning garments that you can personalize whenever and however you want through an App. *
Considering the expensiveness of technology, how much on average would you spend for an innovative garment that displays your NFTs? *
Do you think wearing your own NFT will increase its value? *
Would you purchase a new cryptocurrency to finance an innovative project that brings your NFTs on clothes? *
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