Ainslie Wood Neighbourhood Visual Identity Survey
We have an exciting opportunity to visually enhance our neighbourhood here in Ainslie Wood and we are contacting you to be a participant in this project.

The AWCA Board will be working with City staff and a designer to design and produce street signs (24” x 30”) to be installed in our community at various entrances.

The purpose of these signs is not only to identify our Ainslie Wood area but also to portray one or two iconic themes that represent our community. Tell us in words what image or story from Ainslie Wood should be portrayed on the signs.

For more information contact the AWCA at
Bonnington Community example
What makes Ainslie Wood unique? (add as many ideas as you like, separate ideas with a comma)
What is it about Ainslie Wood you value as a resident? (add as many ideas as you like, separate ideas with a comma) *
What is your postal code?
Do you use any of the following online communication tools to engage with your neighbourhood community? (Please select all that apply.)
Do you have graphic design experience? Would you be willing to help with this project?
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If Yes to the graphic design question above, please include your email.
Thank you for your participation.
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