ZF tagasiside/ feedback
Täname, et osalesid rahvusvahelisel idamaiste tantsude festivalil Zafa Fest!
Kuna meie eesmärgiks on luua võimalikult mugav üritus just Sinu jaoks, siis palume anda tagasisidet. Iga küsimuse juures täpsustada, mida teeksid vajadusel teisiti või kuidas sobiks Sinule. Kindlasti mainida ka, mis meeldis! Kui Sa ei võtnud osa konkreetsest üritusest siis jäta lahter tühjaks.

Kui aga emotsioone ja mõtteid on nii palju, et sooviksid vabas vormis sellest kirjutada, siis on viimane küsimus "Veel mõtteid" võimalik kirjutada nii pikalt kui soovid või saada meile meili peale zafafest@gmail.com. Parimad elamused lisame ka enda uude blogisse!

//Thank you for participating the international middle eastern dance festival Zafa Fest!
As our main goal is to create as comfortable event as possible- just for You, then please give us a feedback. In every question, if necessary, please add what would You do different or how would you prefer. Don't forget to add what did you like! If you didn't take part of specific event, leave the box empty.

But if you feel like you have too many thoughts and emotions, you can write in free form about your experience to the last question "More thoughts" or send your story to our email zafafest@gmail.com. Best stories will be published at our new blog!

Osalesin festivalil... *
I took part of the festival as a...
Sain teada festivalist läbi... *
Found out about festival through...
Festivalile tulin...
I came to festival from...
Kuidas hindad festivali kursusi ja nende valikut?
How did you like the workshops and the choice of them?
Your answer
Muljed Saare Johara konkursist
Thoughts about Saare Johara competition
Your answer
Muljed Saare Haflast
Thoughts about Saare Hafla
Your answer
Kuidas hindad artistide valikut? Kes paistis eriti silma? *
How did you like the artists line-up? Who was your favourite?
Your answer
Muljed hotelli personalist (mitte vabatahtlikest)
Thoughts about the hotel staff (not festival volunteers)
Your answer
Kuidas jäid rahule festivali korraldusliku poolega?
How did you like the organizational part of the festival?
Your answer
Festivali külastades on Sinu jaoks kõige olulisem... (üldiselt, mitte ainult antud festivalil) *
The most important part of the festival for you is... (in general, not only at our festival)
Mida muudaksid/ lisaksid festivalile?
What would you change/ add to the festival?
Your answer
Veel mõtteid
More thoughts...
Your answer
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