Please fill in the application form for the reservation. Once you receive confirmation of the reservation via email, please save it until the day of your rental.
2.Check in
Please confirm our business hours and address. We recommend you wear appropriately comfortable clothes. You will also need to bring your passport or suitable identification.
3.Rental fee should be paid by either by cash or credit card on the reservation day.
Bikes can be used until 20:00 weekdays and 18:00 on Sat.. Please return carefully, allowing time for a relaxing ride right until the end. Once you arrive at our shop, simply return the keys and you're done!
There are lots of good places for dinner and drinks in Shinjuku. We recommend staying a little longer to have some fun after your ride. Please feel free to ask our staff for suggestions.
Date of use
・Please be sure to bring your identification card at the store.
・We will rent keys and lights when using rental. If there is anything else you need, please be prepared by yourself.
・The number of rental motorcycles is limited. When the date of use is decided, we recommend you make an early reservation.
・We are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or other troubles that occurred while renting a bicycle. Please observe the Road Traffic Law and traffic rules and manner, and use it safely at your own risk.
・Cancellation received by the day before the use day will be received free of charge. Also, if the weather on the day is bad, no cancellation fee will be charged, so feel free to make a reservation.
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