SuperCollider workshop - Resonances
Date: 13. 06. 2021.
Location: Tranzit House, Baritiu street 16, Cluj

SuperCollider, is a programming language and software designed for a wide range of musical and sound related purposes: real-time digital signal processing, algorithmic compositions, sound installations, sound manipulation for electroacoustic performances, and much more.

If you're interested — but perhaps never dared to ask — how to program simple patches in SC, you're curious how you create sound with a programming language designed specifically for this purpose, and in general, if you've thought of starting to learn a programming language but haven't started yet than I warmly invite you to this introductory one-day workshop!

We'll go through how to set up your SuperCollider framework, introductory syntax and you'll get an insight into how this actually works in practice through some exercises that hopefully will get you hooked on the software and get your hands dirty!

I'm hoping that by the end of the course you'll have some tools in your hands to go on further with experimentation and learn more independently in SC.

Participating in the workshop doesn't require any previous programming and coding knowledge!

Bring to the workshop the following:
- one laptoop with one of the following operating systems on it: Windows 7, Windows 10, MacOSX 10.10 and higher. If you have other operating system on your laptop, let us know before the workshop!
- non-bluetooth headphones or headphones that can be physically connected to your laptop
The Supercollider program can be downloaded from here:

Hope I'll see you there!

About me
I graduated at the Institute of Sonology in the Royal Conservatory The Hague, The Netherlands as well as at Social Sciences departments in Hungary and in the UK. Since then I had sight-specific sound installations exhibited at different exhibitions, art festivals. I also produced music and jingles for podcasts. However, I'm mostly focused on teaching and giving workshops. I was external lecturer at the Electronic Music and Media Studies department at University of Pécs, Hungary. I'm also co-founder of New Emergences Foundation that focuses on diversity in the field of sound art, electronic contemporary music through organizing residency-programs, panel-discussions and concerts in The Netherlands and other Northwestern-European countries.


The event is free, but requires registration. Personal details will be used according to GDPR guidelines, only for this one workshop.
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