Better transport for Bristol - Stakeholder Reference Panel
Hello! Welcome to our stakeholder reference group for developing our vision for the future of Bristol's transport. When you sign up to our reference panel, you will receive an invitation to complete a five minute polis survey every week for four weeks. You will also have the opportunity to suggest questions to be asked of others in the group.

We are asking a few questions about you, so that we know a bit about who the people in our reference panel are. Most of these are optional, but if you respond to them it will help us to understand whose views are missing from the conversation.
What is your email address? (we will use this to send you survey links each week) *
How did you hear about the stakeholder reference panel? *
Are you able to get around Bristol as much as you want to?
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Do you have access to a private car?
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Before the pandemic (i.e. in 2019), how frequently did you use a local bus or train?
What is the first part of postcode? (This should be 3 or 4 letters, before the space)
Are you registered disabled (i.e. Blue Badge holder)
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What is your gender?
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How old are you?
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What is your ethnic background?
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