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Please fill out this form to agree to the participation waiver and enroll for classes (whether you intend to attend in-person or via Zoom) at the Asheville Academy of Ballet and Contemporary Dance.
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We’d like to create a network for families to help each other within our dance community. If you want to be a part of this resource, please list parent or family member professions or specialties (eg. electrician, realtor, teacher):
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I recognize that my (or my child's) attendance and participation may expose me (or my child) to the risk of injury or harm. I accept this risk and agree that neither Asheville Ballet, nor Asheville Academy of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, nor contracted teachers or staff will be held responsible, should such injury or harm occur. (Please type your name) *
Please help us spread the word about the Asheville Ballet by signing this photo waiver: I authorize and agree that AABCD may take and use photographs or likenesses of myself or my child (without identification) as needed for its record keeping, advertising, social media and/or public relations projects and that I have no rights to the same and will not be compensated for the same. (Please initial below)
I acknowledge that despite careful attention to sterilization, disinfection, and social-distancing practices, there is still a chance that my child or myself could potentially be exposed to an illness, including COVID-19, while at AABCD. Although AABCD is actively working to take precautionary measures to reduce the possibility of transference of communicable diseases, there is still a possibility that exposure may occur. I understand that AABCD makes no representation regarding its ability to prevent exposure to any illness. (Please initial below) *
I further agree that in the event that I, my child, or anyone in my household tests positive for COVID-19, or is known to have had direct exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, I will inform AABCD and will not permit my child or family member to attend classes for 10 days. I will not send my child or family member to class if my child or anyone in my household is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. (Please initial below) *
Please review our current COVID guidelines for in-person classes:

COVID guidelines for in-person Asheville Academy of Ballet classes as of 7/19/22

1) For everyone: Face masks are now optional in all classes.

2) No one may enter the building who may have been exposed to COVID-19, or who has a fever, sore throat, cough, loss of taste or smell, or shortness of breath.

If you have any of these symptoms, you’ll need a negative COVID test or a note from your doctor that your symptoms are not contagious.

If anyone in your household (with whom you share living/restroom quarters) has symptoms or a positive COVID case, please let us know. We will likely ask you to wait 5 days and show a negative COVID test before returning to your classes.

3) If a dancer is coughing in class, the instructor will ask them to wear a mask, for everyone’s well-being and peace of mind.

**Your entry into the space each day will serve as your agreement that you have asked yourselves health screening questions and that you have no reason to believe that you or anyone with whom you have had close contact might be sick. Thank you for your care for your dance community.**

4) Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer (available in the lobby, by the back door nearest the creek, and by the studio stairs) frequently. We are asking that everyone wash or sanitize their hands as soon as they arrive, and sanitize their hands frequently, especially after touching their masks, shoes, or faces. There will be sanitizer available at the back door; be sure to sanitize when you leave the building.

5) Bring your own water from home. The drinking fountain will not be in use (it has been taped off and the water turned off for everyone’s safety). If you forget your water bottle, there will be some available under the piano (ask your instructor), and there are cups and gallons of water in the lobby. Students will take their water breaks in the studio, rather than gathering in the lobby.

6) Parents, siblings, and friends will enter the studio or the lobby only to use the restrooms. You will drop your children off at the front door at the start of class, and pick them up at the back door (nearest the creek) at the end of class – please be on time when class ends. Please wait in your car during the class; if you must leave the premises, be sure your child and your child’s instructor have your phone number. Office staff may not be on site. If you need to come in to chat with the instructor or with Teresa, kindly consider wearing a mask in the lobby.

7) No food at all is allowed in the building during this time, and the fridge will not be in use. Staff for the usual cleanup is not on site. Please keep food in your car.

8) Please carefully note the order of operations for your time at the studio.

a. Before you arrive, be sure that you have no cold symptoms.

b. Five minutes before your class time, you may walk your child to the front door, or watch until they have gone inside (Creative Ballet and Yoga parents, we understand you may need to walk your children inside).

c. Students will wash (20 seconds) and/or sanitize (30 seconds) their hands immediately upon entering the building, change their shoes, and proceed directly to the studio. You may bag your street shoes and place them by the exit door.

d. Please arrive in your dance clothes and warm-ups. Dressing rooms will not be in use. Bring in minimal belongings and keep everything with you downstairs in the studio so that after class, you only have to put on your warmups, sanitize your hands, and leave via the back door.

e. At the end of class (classes will end 5 minutes before the stated end time), students may use the restroom if needed, wash their hands, or use hand sanitizer (there will be some provided at the back door).

f. Students will replace their shoes at the far side of the studio and exit via the back door (nearest the creek). Please tell your teacher when you are leaving the building, so she can watch you to your car. Or, parents, you may also walk up to the back door to pick up your children. Parents, it is crucial that you be on time to pick up your children. If you have to be late, please text Teresa or your instructor.

g. This one-way traffic flow will be in place for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday classes; we will be trying to avoid any lobby-gathering.)

**Remember, no one (no student, no parent, no sibling) may hang out in the lobby or in the dressing rooms. If you need to make a special arrangement, chat with Teresa. We ask that all dancers and parents be responsible for themselves and follow the rules carefully. Everyone’s health and peace of mind are important to us.**
I have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the above terms for participation in classes at Asheville Academy of Ballet. Please enter the date below: *
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