130th Composite Squadron - Uniform Request Form for Cadets and Seniors
NOTE: During the warmer months when we are meeting at our hangar at Airlake Airport, filling out this online form is NOT NECESSARY to obtain uniform items.  Simply visit our supply room at the hangar during open hours on meeting nights, posted below.
New Cadets, and new or existing Senior members (must have a CAP ID) may request one Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) and one set of Blues from the 130th supply room by completing this form. We have other uniform items such as boots, shoes, belts and hats. All items are subject to availability. See the checklist below for items available.  

NOTE: New cadets who have not yet achieved their first promotion will be assigned to the training flight. The squadron has established a standard dress code for new cadets who are assigned to the training flight who do not yet have ABUs or Blues to wear. See your flight leadership for information about this dress code.

All CAP members (cadets and seniors) must meet Civil Air Patrol grooming and weight standards to be able to wear the ABU or Blues uniform. See CAP Regulation 39-1 for details.

Existing members who already have ABUs or Blues may exchange smaller serviceable items for larger items (subject to availability). We ask for exchanges (if you have them) so we can keep a supply of smaller serviceable items on hand for younger cadets. When visiting the supply room at the hangar or meeting with a supply officer, please bring the smaller items with you for exchange.  If you do not have serviceable items to exchange, we will still try to provide you the items you need from our supply room, so please fill out the form.

For CAP uniform accessories such as patches, rank, ribbons, and ribbon bars, check to see if we have these items for sale (or exchange in the case of ribbon bars) at a squadron meeting before you buy them online.

NEW CADETS:  Please note that Vanguard will email you a Curry Uniform Voucher that you can use to purchase uniform items from https://www.vanguardmil.com after your 1st promotion.  Please use this voucher to obtain items that we don't have in our supply room. The dollar amount of the voucher will vary from $75 to $175 depending on your family's financial need as declared in your membership application. Vouchers must be used within 45 days of receipt. Visit https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/cadets/newcadet/curryuniform for more information.

Uniform items and accessories will be provided only if they are available. Our inventory comes from donated items and is limited, especially with smaller sizes.

Supply room hours (when we are meeting at the hangar):  
>>1800 to 1825 hours (before opening formation at 1830)
>>2030 to 2045 hours (after closing formation ends at 2030)

If we are not meeting at the hangar (during the colder months), fill out the form below, and a supply officer will contact you to make other arrangements.

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Your Cadet/Senior CAP ID (6 digits) *
Your current CAP rank.  If you are a new cadet or new senior member, put "new cadet" or "new senior member". *
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Best contact phone number *
Waist (inches) (required if requesting slacks, pants or skirt)
Inseam (inches) (required if requesting slacks or pants)
Chest (inches) (required if requesting a shirt or blouse)
Head measurement (inches) or hat size  (required if requesting a hat or cap)
Shoe size (required if requesting shoes or boots)
ABU uniform items requested:
Blues uniform items requested:
Other optional uniform Items
I have smaller serviceable uniform items to exchange for the ABU or Blues items requested (please bring these items with you). *
Please provide any additional sizing details for items requested, or requests for other uniform items not listed above.
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