Muslim Charity Run 2018
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It is the responsibility of the runner to be fit to compete on the day of the run. If you have any medical issues which you think may put you at risk when running, see your GP prior to commencing on a training programme.
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Terms & Conditions
1. You must be able to finish the race in 2 hours or under. 2. Runners must compete on foot. 3. You understand that you are participating entirely at your own risk. 4. The East London Mosque Trust (ELMT) nor its sponsors and suppliers, including local authorities and facilitating agencies be liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury whatsoever directly or indirectly occasioned by or resulting from the negligence, wrongful act or default of ELMT, its sponsors, suppliers and facilitating local authorities and agencies or thier respective servants or agents from any other cause, including any act of God or the physical condition of the runner. 5. The ELMT reserves the right at its absolute discretion to alter the date of the event or to change the published course as deemed necessary at any time and to alter without prior notice the contents of each race pack and the event media partners.
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