Women and non-binary authors in Science Fiction and Fantasy
This is an effort to crowd-source a list of women and non-binary authors in SFF in order to help book buyers create a more balanced list for their stores. It was inspired by an informal airport survey of the gender balance in airport SFF sections. These sections are heavily dominated by male identified authors despite the fact that in the US men and women publish SFF in roughly equal amounts.

The ratios in the bookstores ranged from zero books by women to, at best, 36% women. Because this disparity is reinforced by reviews, which focus on authors who are publicly identified as male, it is difficult for booksellers to discover authors who are not male identified.

(tl;dr: There are a lot of guys in the bookstores. Please don't use this list to tell us about guys, even if they're LGBTQ.)

Please only submit titles that are in print.
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We are including this in case book stores want to broaden the cultural range they represent, in addition to addressing a gender imbalance.
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Please only include publicly available information about how the author self-identifies (ie. cis-female, genderqueer, etc...) We do not want to accidentally misgender someone due to assumptions.
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