Calhoun County Schools Parent Survey
Please complete the survey for your child's school.  If you have more than one child at the same school, you only need to complete one survey.  If you have a child or children at different schools, complete one survey for each school.  Thank you!  
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Please check if your child receives any of the following services.
(Coherent Instructional System) Students receive grades of A, B, C, or F to report the quality of their schoolwork. Please tell us what rating you would give the quality of your child's school. On this scale, "A" represents outstanding, "C" is average, and "F" is failing.

What grade would you give your child's school for how well it is educating your child?
(Family and Community Engagement)Teachers give me useful information about how my child is performing in school. 
(Effective Leadership) I feel welcomed by administrators and office staff when I visit my child's school.  
(Professional Capacity)I feel my child's teacher is trained to provide instruction to students. 
(Supportive Learning Environment) There is a teacher, counselor, or other staff member at school to whom my child can go for help with a school or personal problem.
Comments/Suggestions for School Improvement
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