Choosing a Computer with Computer Fitness
Some things to consider when buying a new computer
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1. Budget – How much do you plan to spend laptops tend to be more expensive *
2. Portability - Desktop Vs Laptop –Do you want it be be portable within or outside the house. *
3. PC vs. Mac – what have you used previously? What other devices to do you have? *
4. DVD Player - Do you need to play films and or burn data to DVD? (usually means larger/heavier laptop) *
5. Screen - How big a screen do you want? 11”; 14”; 15” *
6. Keyboard – do your work with numbers frequently so do you need a number keypad? *
7. Standard Battery Life is about 4 hours. Do you need longer? *
8. Storage space – where do you store the majority of your data? Cloud? Hard Drive *
9. Do you store many Videos, Photos and Music on your computer? *
10. Weight – Do you need your laptop to be lighter then 2.5kgs? *
11. Any Other requirements? (Touchscreen; Flip Screen) *
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