No Space for Hate COVID 19 Mutual Aid
Are you homebound and in need of help getting access to groceries and other supplies? For your friends and neighbors who are homebound and quarantined, are you willing to help make grocery deliveries and supply runs? Please fill out this form every time you need help or have something new to offer.

By filling out this form, you are adding yourself and any supports/offerings that you can make to our neighbors. People will be able to see your name, email address, and what you can offer, and are invited to reach out to you directly for support. Once your offering has been taken up, let us know and we can cross you off of the available offerings list. By signing up as a neighborhood point person, we'll be posting your first name, phone number/email, and approximate location on a public facing map.

Mutual Aid Coordination Spreadsheet (for volunteers to fulfill requests):

Guidelines for making deliveries to mitigate the spread of the virus:

For questions, email
Link to Mutual Aid resource organizations:
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