No Space for Hate COVID 19 Mutual Aid
Are you homebound and in need of help getting access to groceries and other supplies? For your friends and neighbors who are homebound and quarantined, are you willing to help make grocery deliveries and supply runs? Please fill out this form every time you need help or have something new to offer.

Note: at this time, we are unable to fulfill requests for housing, rent, car payments, and utility bills. We are also unable to provide direct housing support. If you sign up requesting aid for monetary support for rent and utility bills, we will send you an email to a list of social service providers who are currently assisting with those needs. If you ask for money in the area of 100 dollars or more, we may ask you for follow up information to best connect you with resources that can help. Please note that at this time we are only able to deal with smaller amounts of money and are not equipped to help with expenses in advance of a couple of hundred dollars. However, we will try to help you research options.

***DISCLAIMER***: what we have available to offer depends on whether community members have what we need. We are peer to peer/community member to community member support network and not an organization that has unlimited funds. Your request may take up to a week, if not longer, to fulfill.

For non-emergency requests, please submit one request per household per week.

Mutual Aid Coordination Spreadsheet (for volunteers to fulfill requests):

We are proud to partner with Helping Hands at Civic Champs to help make deliveries of pantry boxes, prescriptions, and other needs to homebound residents.

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