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If you would like to know more about some of our programs and get connected with information, please complete this form. From the Connect & Engage Team, ucvconnect@gmail.com
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We send out a weekly email with information about the coming week's service and the various announcements. If you would like to receive it, just send an email to ucvweek+subscribe@googlegroups.com
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We send out a monthly e-newsletter with news and upcoming special events that are posted on the website. The Earth Spirit Council also sends out a monthly e-news and several other groups plan on sending out specific e-newsletters - perhaps every couple of months.
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Here are some of the programs and groups we can connect you with. Please check any you would like an introduction to.
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We have many small groups that meet for a variety of purposes. We'd be happy to put you in touch with someone who can tell you more about and invite you to any groups you'd like to know more about.
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Neighbourhood Groups
Would you like to connect with other Unitarians in your neighbourhood? Some of them have several events per month, others are just getting going and will likely have at least one event (potluck dinner or some other gathering) each month. Each neighbourhood has an email group so people can easily connect. We are willing to try to connect people in other neighbourhoods as well.
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