Hacking Dermatology: application for final pitch competition for external teams
Application for invitation to participate in the final pitch competition. June 2018 finalists do not need to submit this application.
Team Name *
Team Member names, email, and phone (Format: First, Last, email, phone) *
Project Description in 4 sentences *
Project Description in less than 3 paragraphs *
Did your team participate in the June 2018 Hacking Dermatology hackathon? *
If no, how did your team form and when did your team start working together?
If awarded a grant from Hacking Dermatology, how would your team use the funds (grants will be awarded at amounts between $10k - $25k)? *
What are your team's 12 month goals, from now - August 2019? *
Please upload your draft slides for the 10 minute presentation (15 mins total, 10 presentation, 5 Q+A). These can be in draft form. Comments will be given if your team is accepted and final slides will be due on October 10th. *
Is there any other information you would like for the judges to consider in evaluating this application?
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