Ben's Beans Recruitment
Tired of Soy Boys? Check out these Beans!

Ben's Beans is a relaxed but capable 2-Days Raiding Guild.

Founding members of the Guild have been playing for years together in CE Guilds on Retail and more. Our Goal is to clear all content (including HM,HC & Achievements) of wrath in a relaxed but yet reasonable amount of time.

We are overall a social, friendly, (im)mature and helpful bunch, who likes good banter and laugh.

Raid times
Our Raids are on Wednesday & Sunday, they will start at 19:00 and will end at 22:00 Server time! (Invites will start 10-15 minutes before). We may push for a bit longer if we can see a Kill in sight!

Our Loot system is a bit unique and is a mix of SR & Loot council. 
Every Raider has the opportunity to soft reserve 4 items during a Tier which they'll have the priority to obtain. (if more than one have wish listed a item they will roll for said item. (Unless one person has received far more loot than the other(s)).
Everything else will be managed via Lootcouncil. We are rotating the Lootcouncil every 2 weeks. What we expect from you:
  • The ability to maintain a positive attitude and focus during progression
  • To be able to join Discord and listen to instructions throughout the raid!
  • Respect everyone's time during Raid or any other Guild event.
  • To have knowledge and ability about your Main & Offspec
  • Team focused attitude
What you can expect from us:
  • Officer team of experienced players
  • Transparent communication regarding Guild decisions
  • friendly, supporting and welcoming community
  • fair loot distribution
Roster We are currently looking for the following Classes & Specs:
  • Priest - Shadow
  • Warlock - Any
  • Mage - Any
  • Hunter - Any
  • Shaman - Ele
  • Paladin - Prot
  • DK - Blood
If your current Class or Spec is not listed above do not turn away immediately! We are always looking for more people if we think they are a fit for us.
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