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We are excited to fill the Chuckanut Center with classes and programming that fit our mission, "We Grow Food, Skills and a Resilient Community".  Complete this form to let us know what you're planning and to be added to our calendar.  Please check our online events calendar to confirm the space is available on your preferred date. Your proposal will be acknowledged as soon as possible and you will be informed of next steps.

CLASS PROPOSALS SUBMITTED 5 WEEKS OR MORE PRIOR TO THE EVENT will give us time to spread the word through print and social media.  Shorter lead time will be handled solely through our social media network. You are encouraged to promote your class to your networks as well.

We ask a $20/hr donation to use the Chuckanut Center house. This enables us to keep the lights and heat on! All additional proceeds are yours. Hours for instructional use should include set up and clean up time. Please keep this in mind when setting your class fees.

We can host registration for your class on our website. We find lower rates of no-shows by pre-registering people and charging at least a small fee. We will hold the class fees and write you a check or electronically transfer the class registration funds by the end of the first business day following your class. You may also host registration for your class through your own registration platform. If you'd like to do this, please let us know and share the link where we can refer people to register.

Class hosts can provide you with information and assistance during your class if you're new to the space or are offering only one class. Class hosts are volunteers who arrive prior to your start time, open the house and get things settled, offer assistance to instructors and are the main point of contact for the day. In exchange for their volunteer time, we like to offer them the opportunity to attend the class for free (minus any supply costs). If this is not acceptable, please let us know. We will have to make other arrangements for access to the house and an additional fee may be applied.

Kitchen: We have a fully equipped kitchen great for small classes up to 10-12 participants. Currently we do not have a commercial kitchen permit, so all food related classes must be hands on and all food consumed in the class must be prepared during the class.  

Living Room: Our living room is bright and open with a hardwood floor. We can seat 25 people comfortably in chairs and 15-20 at tables, depending on the configuration. We have tables and chairs on site to seat this number of people.

Garden: Our garden is composed of community garden plots, demonstration gardens, various compost areas and perennial gardens. If you are interested in teaching a garden related class, please be in touch to see what space and possibly produce we have to offer. You may also do a longer term project, planting with the intention of teaching with what you produce.

Outdoor areas: We have a large field with the park's original covered gazebo that holds over 100 people. The smaller field, separated from the large field by a fence, has 4 picnic tables and would comfortably seat 50.

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