Website User Survey
To help us shape the new University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust website, we want to capture your opinions about the old Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust website in this quick 10 question survey.
What best describes your relationship with the St Richard’s, Southlands or Worthing Hospitals? *
How often have you visited the website in the last year? *
Which device do you use most often access the website? *
Which is the primary reason for visiting the website? (Select up to 3 reasons) *
I was able to achieve the task I came to the website to do. *
It was easy to find the information I was looking for. *
The search results on the website were useful and relevant. *
The information was easy to understand and up-to-date. *
I find the website frustrating to use. *
Do you have any comments or suggestions to help improve the website?
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