Summer Housing
You are always required to rent accomodation from the date it is vacant. A summer student can rent a room in one or several of the below periods:

- July 1st - July 14th

- July 15th – July 31st

- August 1st – August 14th

- August 15th – August 31st

This means you can rent a room or an apartment for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 2 months in the above mentioned 14-day blocks. A rental period can only begin on the 1st or the 15th and end on the 14th or the last day of the month. Please keep in mind that we also require tenants to move out 4 days prior to their contract end date to allows for our inspections process.

The above periods might not match the period of your summer course, so be careful to book for a period that covers your entire stay when you enter the booking system.

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Conditions for our summer accomodation offer
This is not where the actual booking is done - by filling out this form you are simply informing the UCPH Housing Foundation that you wish to receive a link to the booking system. You can only rent summer accomodation from the UCPH Housing Foundation if you are undertaking a summer course. Once your eligibility has been confirmed by the University of Copenhagen, you will receive a link to access the booking system (which will occur around late May).
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