YOUR honest feedback will help us design distance learning plans, so we can better meet what YOU need. Please take a moment to answer these 8 questions. Thank you. We love and miss you!
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1. Do you know how to find your assignments online?
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2. Do you know how to contact your teachers by phone, text, or email?
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3. Do you know how to contact counselors, administrators, and district staff when the Office is closed?
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4. How often are you in contact with the school or at least one of your teachers (on-line, text, email, phone, or some other way)?
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5. How strongly do you agree with this statement: "The learning packets I receive are useful and interesting." You can use "Other" to tell us how to improve the packets.
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6. I find the work in the learning packets to be...
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7. What difficulties are you dealing with that interfere with your ability to complete the packets and/or reach out to your teachers? Check the most important ones to you, PLUS you can use "Other" to give us more information about your challenges. We want to help!
8. This final question is the most important feedback you can give us. We WANT your ideas and opinions! HOW CAN WE MAKE DISTANCE LEARNING BETTER FOR YOU? HOW CAN WE HELP YOU WITH YOUR CHALLENGES?
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