TEDxUCLA: Focus | Martial Arts - Speaker Proposal
TEDxUCLA: Focus | Martial Arts will occur on May 25th, 2019 at UCLA’s World Famous Pauley Pavilion.

Are you (or is someone you know) exploring a unique perspective that’s promoting new insight? Pursuing extraordinary projects right here in our local community? Is there a compelling story that can change how we interpret and affect our world? Does the idea need to be shared to grow?

We measure proposals by the power of the idea, and if the platform of TEDxUCLA can help propel the idea forward. The speaker presenting the idea needs to have credibility in the space and be actively working on the idea, as well as have the time to work with us to do a compelling talk. (Fair warning, it is a lot of work, there are rounds of coaching, reviews, all with the intent of helping you hit a home run when you speak at this unique event).

This event's theme will be "Focus", while this theme is of course inherently connected to the martial arts, we are looking for all kinds of presentations on the theme. We are also seeking experiences and look at performance as an integral part of the event.

We’re seeking proposals from the UCLA community, and beyond. If you, or someone you know well, is doing something profound that’s appropriate for a TEDx Talk, please fill out the form below. While we’ll review all submissions, we are a small team and cannot respond to each proposal.

For speaker guidelines on what we think makes for a great talk see the main TED website at:

For more on TED, please see ted.com

For more on TEDxUCLA, please see tedx.ucla.edu
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