Pocono Pet Pantry Client Application
In consideration for pet food and/or supplies from Pocono Pet Pantry, the form submitter, on his or her own behalf, and on the behalf those persons and entities set forth in this application, acknowledges and agrees that: there are risks of death or injury from pet food or products, and while accepted standards of care may reduce any risk, risks still exist and are accepted and assumed by me; and I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown, and however arising, even if arising from the negligence of employees and volunteers. I agree to assume liability for all medical costs, attorneys' fees and any and all other expenses and damages resulting from the death or injury of the animal or animals I feed with food and or supplies I receive from Pocono Pet Pantry, and I hereby release and hold harmless Pocono Pet Pantry, and its volunteers, employees and all other participants with respect to any and all expenses, medical bills, causes of action, claims, injury, disability, loss and damage to person or property to the fullest extent permitted by law.

By completing this form you accept and understand our guidelines for assistance listed in section 5.
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