McCabe LCAP Teacher Survey
Q1: In the previous three years, have you ever received professional development in any of the following areas; academic content standards, instructional strategies, assessment, school safety, classroom/behavior management, and or technology.
Q2: Please identify your greatest area of interest in future professional development opportunities.
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Q3: The current mission statement for McCabe is "To provide every student an academic and social foundation that will enable them to be responsible, productive citizens and strive to their maximum potential". Do you feel that this statement continues to represent the district?
Q4: A topic that would enhance or more adequately represent the district's mission statement is:
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Q5. Conditions of Learning State Priority #1 Basic Services: Access to appropriate textbooks and learning materials is important to ensuring that students succeed in school along with appropriately credentialed teachers. The district ensures that all students have textbooks and access to all the materials they need for their classes. In addition, to having learning materials, we know that having safe, clean, and functional school facilities is important to student learning and pride in their schools. How satisfied are you with the conditions of school in terms of instructional materials, credentialed teachers and facilities?
Q6. Conditions of Learning State Priority #2 Implementation of State Standards: The district ensures school programs and services enable all students, including English Learners, to access California's academic and performance standards, including Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, Math, Next Generations Science Standards, and English Language Development Standards. How satisfied are you with the implementation of the academic and performance standards?
Q7. Condition of Learning State Priority #7 Course Access: The district is taking steps to ensure that all students are prepared to take classes that will prepare them for college and careers by closely assessing student achievement and grade level proficiency; using standards-aligned instructional strategies to support student learning; analyzing student achievement on annual and benchmark assessment; and providing intervention for students who are not meeting grade level standards. How much do you agree with the following statement: The district supports all students to be successful in school and to be college and career ready.
Q8. Pupil Outcomes State Priority #4 Pupil Achievement and State Priority #8 Other Student Outcomes: Staff regularly reviews student achievement on standardized tests to determine which areas we need to focus on to ensure students are at grade level. This includes the evaluation of other required areas of study, including physical education and the arts. During the year, we assess individual student achievement benchmark assessments and adjust instruction to meet individual student needs. How satisfied are you with the level of instruction your students receive?
Q9. Engagement State Priority #3 Parent Involvement: The district values parents and takes the following actions to support parent involvement in schools: informing parents and guardians about individual student achievement and options for supporting students; parent/family education on student achievement and development; and regular communication with parents. How well does our students' school keep parents informed on issues, upcoming events, and encouraging them to become involved?
Q10. Engagement State Priority #5 Student Engagement: Coming to school on time and every day, as well as being involved in school activities, are ways to keep students connected to school. How satisfied are you with the efforts that the district makes to maintain and/or increase student attendance and involve students in school activities?
Q11. Engagement State Priority #6 School Climate: We want students to feel safe at school and to feel engaged in their community. The district takes steps to ensure high standards for student behavior and implements a strong discipline plan. How would you rate the safety of our students on campus?
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