Review Submission Guidelines
Thank you for your interest in writing a review for the South Pasadena Public Library Teen Reviews Blog.

Before you submit your review, please read these guidelines.

1. Teens interested in submitting a review must have completed 6th grade.

2. Only two reviews can be submitted per week (Sunday to Saturday).

3. Reviewed books and movies must be part of the Library’s teen or adult collection. Check out our library’s catalog to verify if your book or movie is in our collection. We will accept reviews from the Children's collection if it is an Upper Middle Grade title.

4. Reviews should be a minimum of 400 words. Your review should Include a short summary and your opinion of the book without telling how it ends. If you need assistance writing your review, explore this quick guide to writing reviews:

5. Once you submit your review, please note that it can take a week or longer before you receive a confirmation letter.

6. Only completed reviews will be accepted. We’re not looking for perfect but please consider editing and style choices before submitting. Reviews submitted should be ready for publication.

7. If you are interested in receiving volunteer credit for any review submitted, please indicate so on the form. One book or movie review equals one hour of volunteer service. You must have a completed City of South Pasadena Volunteer Application on file with the library. Email completed applications to City of South Pasadena Volunteer Applications can be found here:

8. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any reviews that have been plagiarized will be deleted and the reviewer will be banned from submitting any other review.
Would you like to receive volunteer credit for this review? You must have a City of South Pasadena Volunteer Application on file before credit can be awarded.
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