(Group Dance Competition)
Do you tap your feet when you listen to some peppy song or you swing on the songs you love?
Martha Graham said,
“Dance is the hidden language of soul”
and we agree that dancing is like dreaming with your feet.
Come show us your talent, the way you groove to your favourite tracks and express all your feelings and emotions through your dance.
Don't miss being a part of the ultimate group dance competition at Transcend'17.
Come join us to the colourful battle of dance and win hearts.

Rules and Regulations:-

• Event Theme: Beyond The Horizon
• Participation: Group (maximum 10 members)
• All participating colleges can send 1 additional person per team for background support.
• Rounds: Elimination+ Finals
• Time Limit: Max. 8 minutes (Time limits include set up time.)
• Team members have to be from the same institution.
• Participants must have a valid college ID cards to seek entry and participate.
• Participants can perform on any topic showcasing the theme, not following which would result in disqualification.
• No tolerance will be shown towards Vulgarity in any manner or speech, following which will lead to disqualification.
• Teams are required to bring their own props.
• Teams are required to report at least 3 hours prior to the event and submit their music in form of Pen drives/CDs to the organizers.
• Decision of the judges will be final and binding to all the teams.

Last date to upload video- 17/1/2017
Result of shortlisted teams- 18/1/2017


For further detail, Contact:
Kritika Rastogi: +91 - 7042313433
Natasha D’Souza: +91 - 9167132226
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