CoCha: Competitions & Challenges at IJCAI 2020 Proposal form
Form meant for organizers of competitions and/or challenges (CoCha) in the field of Artificial Intelligence that propose to affiliate their CoCha with IJCAI 2020. Deadline for completion: 7 February 2020
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Contact information
Please give us everything that we might need to contact you with at lease: name, email, skype name, gmail address (if you have it), phone number, and time zone of the place where the contact person lives as we need to plan meetings with you..
Name *
Email *
Phone number (format: +1234567890) *
Time zone (for planning skype/phone meetings) *
Skype name (if you have it)
Your proposed competition or challenge?
What is the URL of the website for your competition / challenge? Please describe the overall goal of the challenge or competition. Which subfields of AI are needed to solve the challenge or win the competition? Can people at IJCAI see the competition/challenge running? How appealing is it to watch for non-participants? Can humans participate during IJCAI?
URL of your competition
What is your competition or challenge about? *
Do you intend for winners (and maybe runner-ups) to gain prizes? What form will these prizes have? If money, what amount do you have in mind? Where will you get that money from and how certain or risky is it to get that money?
Prize information *
Source code
How will other researchers and society in general benefit from your competition / challenge? In particular, what is your opinion about sharing the source code of participants with others? With the world? Will it be open source? Conditionally open source (e.g., license and what type of license)?
How will you deal with source code? *
Timeline in milestones
Please describe the timeline of running this challenge. When do you need to start running the competing agents to be sure that you have the final outcome ready at IJCAI? Will there be elimination rounds before finalists can be announced? Will you actively run the competition during IJCAI? If so, which rounds? How much time will that take? By the way we do recommend that you ask people for a letter of interest before the submission deadline.
Call for participation: when will you send this out? *
Call for participation: your comments
Submission: the deadline you will put in the call *
Submission: your internal deadline *
Submission: your comments
When will you notify finalists? *
Notification of finalists: what slack do you have? *
When will the outcome be communicated? *
Outcome communique: your comments
Postproceedings / publications
We are considering to organize peer-reviewed post-proceedings publications for papers about the most interesting agents / algorithms / techniques developed for the competitions and challenges run at IJCAI, as well as for one paper per competition or challenge that describes the lessons learnt from running the competition / challenge. Note that some failures are just as interesting as winning strategies.

Would you like to participate in postproceedings? *
How many participants do you think would like to submit a paper to this post-proceedings?
How many reviewers can you provide?
Postproceedings: your comments
How many teams do you expect to participate? How certain are you of that? How many teams do you expect to come to IJCAI?
Expected number of participants (number only) *
Expected number of participants that will also attend IJCAI (number only) *
Number of participants: how certain are you of the numbers you provided?
During the Conference
During the conference you probably need a number of things to be organized for you. Below we listed the most common things asked for. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you get everything you request. As we expect to get many requests and we will have to disappoint proposals, please indicate both the bare minimum you need, as well as modest “nice to have”. We will decide about your admittance on the basis of your bare minimum requirements. Once we accept your CoCha we divide the equipment and space as fairly as we can over all accepted competitions/challenges.

Floor space in square meters? minimum (nice to have)! *
Can your competition or challenge be held in open space, e.g., the lobby? *
Number of beamers with screens required? minimum (nice to have)! *
Number of monitors required? minimum (nice to have)! *
Number of tables? minimum (nice to have)! *
Number of chairs? minimum (nice to have)! *
Number of electricity sockets and watts? minimum (nice to have)! bring you own adapters! *
Wifi needed? Note that this is extremely costly and cannot be guaranteed *
Anything else that you would like to tell us now?
Any other information that you think we need to know now? Note that we will contact you after we receive your proposal to discuss your proposal. In principle, we do this for every proposal as IJCAI is really keen on having great competitions and challenges associated with IJCAI.
please feel free to add anything
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