Full Spectrum Community Impact Survey

Thank you so much for participating in this survey, the goal of which is to ascertain your current knowledge and opinion of our services, events, and resources. Your responses will be used to help us identify our points of contact with the community, as well as the general perception of Full Spectrum with regards to effectiveness and inclusivity. 

All data collected is considered confidential and will be compiled and analyzed as a group. As such, please be frank and detailed in your responses, so that we may continue to learn and grow as an organization!

Thanks again,

Justin Kalinay
Community Engagement Coordinator
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How familiar are you with the Full Spectrum Community Outreach Center? *
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How did you first learn about the Center? *
How have you interacted with Full Spectrum in the past? Select all that apply. *
How would you rate your overall perception of Full Spectrum
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How would you rate Full Spectrum's effort to be inclusive of all identities present within the LGBTQ+ community, including Allies?
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Please share any thoughts or ideas you may have on how Full Spectrum can be more inclusive! 
How likely are you to recommend Full Spectrum's services/events to someone? *
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Do you have any suggestions or ideas for events, services and/or resources that Full Spectrum can provide? We'd love to hear your thoughts!
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Please use this space to share any ideas, comments, concerns and/or suggestions you may have regarding Full Spectrum!
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