By completing this form you will be placed on the Louisville Dolphins wait list for our 2020 summer season only. We are registering our returning swimmers at this time and if after March 1st it is determined there is room to add additional swimmers in your child's age and gender group we will notify you. We will then conduct swim assessments to determine if your swimmer has the minimum swimming skills for their age group (as stated below). These assessments will be held in March at the Louisville Recreation Center. Our 2020 team fees are $255 for Louisville Residents and $280 for Non-Residents. Our Practice and Meet schedules are posted on our website.

Please also note that the Louisville Dolphins is part of the Boulder Valley Summer Swim League which has the following eligibility requirement:

A swimmer may swim with a year round team and compete in meets from the day after of the BVSSL Championships through October 31st of the same year. From November 1st thru the date of the BVSSL Championships, unrestricted coached swimming is allowed three days per week but competing is not permitted. (Swimming for your high school swim team is the exception.)

Minimum Swimming Skills Required
Participants must be between the ages of 5 and 18 to register (Age as of 5-15-20). In all age groups, participants must be able to meet specific skill criteria in order to continue participation in the program. The skill level of each new swimmer will be evaluated in March. If a participant’s skill level does not meet the criteria, he/she will have the option of enrolling in the City of Louisville’s Learn to Swim Program. Enrollment in the Learn to Swim Program is possible only if space is available. Any swimmer joining the Louisville Dolphins Swim Team must be safe in the water and comfortable in the deep end of the pool. All swimmers, including the 8 and Under Blue team must meet the following minimum requirements:

8 & Under Blue and 10 & Under Bronze Teams
The Blue & Bronze Teams are our Developmental Pre-Teams. These teams are for swimmers ages 5-10 who do not know all of the competitive strokes. It is a place for them to learn swimming skills without pressure. Developmental Team swimmers do not participate in the regular Saturday dual meets but have the opportunity to participate in several “Pre-Team” meets of their own during the season.

8&U Blue Developmental Pre-Team Criteria: Swimmers must be able to swim 25 meters of both freestyle (w/side-breathing) and backstroke without stopping

10&U Bronze Advanced Development Pre-Team Criteria: Swimmers must be able to swim 25 meters of both freestyle (w/side-breathing) and backstroke without stopping and correctly demonstrate the whip (breaststroke) kick or the dolphin (butterfly) kick. 9-10s placed on the 10&U Bronze Team will need to try out for the 9-10 or 11-12 competitive team for placement on the Team next year

8 & Under Silver Team
The Silver Team is our competitive team for swimmers 6-8 who have mastered their competitive strokes. The emphasis is to not only improve their stroke technique, but also to improve conditioning and endurance in the pool. Typically, swimmers on the Silver Team are 7 or 8 years of age and have been on the team for at least one season.
· Continuously swim 50 meters of timed freestyle (w/side-breathing) and 25 meters of backstroke
· Swimmer must demonstrate a legal Breaststroke or Butterfly
· Listening skills and positive attitude
· If a swimmer was on the Silver Team during the previous season and is still age eligible, they are automatically on the Silver Team

Criteria for 9-10 and 11-12 Age Groups:
· Continuously swim 50 meters of timed freestyle (w/side-breathing); 50 meters of backstroke and 25 meters of legal breaststroke or butterfly

Criteria for 13-14 and 15-18 Age Groups:
· Continuously swim 100 meters of timed freestyle (w/side-breathing); 100 meters of backstroke and 25 meters of legal breaststroke or butterfly
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