Mandarin Chinese Learning Program, Chienkuo Technology University
How to apply to our Chinese programs? 如何申請建國科技大學華語課程?

The following documents are required: 以下是所需準備的資料

(1)Application form ( You can fill it online.) 申請表(可線上填寫)

(2)A photocopy of your highest study experience (Please attach it.) 請附上最高學歷文件影本

(3)A physical checkup report (You can provide it before the class start.)健康檢查表(可在註冊之後、課程開始前繳交)

(4)A photocopy of your passport or ARC. (Please attach it.) 請附上護照或是居留證影本

(5)Study plan (Please attach it.) 請附上讀書計畫

(6) Financial Statement(2,000 US Dollars at least)(You can upload the copy one and provide the original one before the class start.) 請附上財力證明(最少金額為兩千美金)

(7) Successful applicants will be notified to pay the fee $27,000, textbooks are exclusive, before a specified date for the issuance of the formal approval letter. 審核資格通過,本校會通知匯款帳號,請先匯繳學費新臺幣貳萬柒仟元整(教材費另計),以利核發入學許可。

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