1-1 Nutrition Coaching Application
Well hello there! I am thrilled you are here because that tells me you are craving change in your life!

This application is an opportunity to join the Hillary Ervin Coaching team as a 1:1 health & fitness coaching client

If we're a good fit for each other, I will reach out within 24 hours with additional questions and then we can schedule a phone call or text consult!

Learn more about me here: https://www.hillaryervin.com/
First off, whats your full name? *
How did you hear about me? *
Have you ever worked with a nutrition or training coach before? *
If you are here, chances are you are motivated & you are a go-getter! What are you looking to work on and accomplish together? *
Working together requires checking in together in a timely fashion, being open to trying new things, & making your heath goals a priority. On a scale of 1-10 how confident do you feel about committing to this?
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What is your current level of work & life stress? *
Have you ever tracked macros and/or calories using an app before? No matter if you are completely new to tracking, you are a pro or you don't want to track at all, I got you!
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Are you interested in nutrition coaching alone or a combo of nutrition and personalized training? *
If we work together, communication via email is important! Where should I email you? *
Thanks for sharing! Let's dig a bit deeper :)
What motivates you to take care of your health? *
How might working with a coach and achieving your goals change your life? *
Before applying to work with me, is there a particular program you have followed or had success with previously? *
How many days are you working out each week? How long do your workouts usually last and what kind of workouts are you doing? *
For nutrition, what are your restrictions? What’s your overall experience with tracking macros/calories (it's okay if you don't have any)? *
What do you do for work? Are you up and moving during the day or are you mostly sedentary? *
If you have any strength or athletic goals, I want to hear about them! These may be entering a competition, getting your first pull up or running a 1/2 marathon. *
If you currently have a coach or have had a coach in the past, what does/did that investment look like? Please list how frequently you checked in with that coach and your financial commitment. *
I receive a lot of applications and because of that I also have no-shows and cancelled calls. Can I count on you to follow through with the application process? *
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