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Customize a leadership camp or seminar to boost your leadership team's morale, confidence, organization, and most important supporting the team's vision.

Sebastian Leadership's past customized seminars: Granite Bay HS, Elk Grove HS, Placer HS, Nevada Union HS, Truckee HS, Bella Vista HS, De La Salle HS, and many more!

Reserve yours today!

Customize Items:
* Unity Games to motivate your team and to add to your summer band camp.
* Problem and solving to support the drama in your music room or team.
* Vision support activity to help support rules and the program vision.
* EXTIP activity to assist your leaders to teach sectionals well.
*Organization activity to help your leaders with your music classroom logistics.
......and many more

Additional questions: contact Mario Sebastian at

We will contact you to help you customize a leadership plan for your team and for pricing.

At MMDMA....we build teams together and with PRIDE!
At Sebastian Leadership...building leadership teams one story at a time.

We look forward to working with you,
- Mario Sebastian

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