MBTA Service in and around Chelsea - English
Please fill out this survey and help us gather information about our transit needs and concerns in and around Chelsea.
Please answer the following information.
1. Do you live in Chelsea?
1a. If you do not live in Chelsea, what City or Town do you live in?
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2. Do you work in Chelsea?
3. I depend solely on Public Transit.
4. I depend on Public Transit to go work.
5. I depend on Public Transit to go to school.
6. I depend on Public Transit to go to meeting and appointments.
7. I have access to household car.
8. Which of the following Chelsea MBTA Services/Routes could you use if the service was more frequent and/or reliable?
9. What are 1 to 3 challenges you face when using the MBTA (or indicate why you do not)?
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10. Which of the following MBTA routes/transit services do you use for your trips?
11. How often do you use Public Transit?
12. What is your average commute time from door to door?
13. How many times do you need to transfer to complete your daily trip (for example, transfer from 116 to Blue Line equals one transfer)?
14. How frequently do you experience delays/breakdowns when riding the MBTA?
15. Please check the form(s) of payment that you use to ride the MBTA.
16. How do you get information from the MBTA?
17. Which of the following MBTA projects do you know about?
18. What suggestion(s) would you make to the MBTA to improve service in and out of Chelsea?
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19. Your age range
20. Race/Ethnicity
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20. Primary language
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