AMA, your future, our future 
Auckland Mathematical Association (AMA) is a voluntary organisation who serves the teachers in the Auckland region. 
We would appreciate your views about what AMA currently provides you, and what AMA could be doing in the future to best support your teaching and learning journey.
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What role/s do you believe the Auckland Mathematical Association currently fulfill for you? (Select as many that apply)
Thinking about your responses and the role of the AMA in the next twenty years. What other function or services would you like to see the AMA fulfill for you?
What AMA events have you attended in the past 18 months? (Tick all that apply)
What are your top three priorities you would like to see AMA focus on in the next 20 years?
Did you attend all the AMA events you wanted to in the past 12 months? 
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If you answered no, what was the main reason you could not attend?
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How do you find out about AMA events? (Tick all that apply)
Which student groups do you think the AMA should serve?
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Currently, how important do you feel it is for AMA to be a link to primary mathematics and statistics community/colleagues?
Not important
Very important
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Currently, how important do you see AMA as a link between university mathematics and statistics education research for you? 
Not important
Very important
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What sort of workshops do you find best supports your needs  (select all that apply).
What type of teaching and learning activities do you want the most support with? 
E.g. developing literacy, teaching statistics at senior level, planning lessons or units of work, scaffolding, writing assessments
If you have been involved in other mathematical associations, what are some things that association did that you would like AMA to consider?
Which social media groups do you belong to or follow? Check all that apply. 
Which other email lists or newsletters are you subscribed to?
How do you or your department share pedagogical practice?
Do you use the AMA Website?
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If you answered "yes", how helpful do you find the AMA website?
Not very helpful
Very helpful
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Any comments for us on the website
What is the main source you use for information on teaching and learning mathematics and statistics? 
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Thinking about your current professional needs. What single teaching and learning issue do you currently need support with?
Thanks for your time with this mahi. This information will help us plan and keep AMA useful and relevant for teachers and their students.
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