Aloft Year One-Foundations and Research Application 2019-2020
Applications will be accepted until Feb 15, 2020. Scholarship applicants may apply until Feb 25. Applicants will be notified on a rolling basis of their invitation to the audition. Auditions will be held March 18-19.

In addition to this application, please email 2 letters of recommendation to

We require all applications to pay a $25 applicants fee. (Fee is waited for scholarship applicants, but all scholarship questions must be answered). If you are selected for the program, this will be credited to your account. You can pay this via PayPal to
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Please list in more detail specific disciplines that you feel strong in. For example if you checked "aerial" you may write "trapeze, silks, rope".
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Is there anything that might prevent you from fully taking part in this program (injuries, past or present issues, etc)? *
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Are you hoping for a career in circus? What form do you see that taking? *
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Related to life, what do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses? *
(Problem solving, stress management, knowing your limits, determination, etc)
Why do you feel that this program is a good fit for you? *
What do you feel will be your biggest challenge if you are accepted? *
Please paste the link to a video showing the following skills: Introduction to the camera (Name, pronouns, a little bit about you!), Handstand for as long as possible (unassisted preferred, otherwise against the wall, facing the wall for as long as possible), Juggling! (3 ball cascade, as many catches as possible), As many pull ups as you can do (palms forward, hang fully down, lift chin past bar, lower fully down), As many leg lifts as you can do (hanging straight under a bar, lift toes to the bar), All three splits, Bridges, Forward roll, Backward roll, Cartwheel, Any additional tumbling skills,1 min plank. Video of a full act OR up to 3 min of movement in your preferred discipline if you are not providing a video of a full act.Incomplete videos will not be considered. Please do not speed up or slow down any parts of your videos. Please do not include music except for the movement/act section of your video. Please do not assign a password to your video. *
Please paste the link to a video of yourself performing a full act if you have it.
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