Marketing Team Manager
If you’re a talented marketer whose life motto is “always be optimizing,” we’re looking for you to join our growing remote team. Hubstaff is seeking a data-driven digital marketing manager focused on customer acquisition and team management. In this role, you’ll implement growth strategies for an international B2B software brand.

We’re seeking a curious, hardworking professional that can lead a team to results, and jump into projects when needed. Absolutely 100% must be a team player. You’ll need to be a communication champ and effective people manager.

Must be based in North America

You’ll be a good fit if you’re ever thought:
- How could we be doing this better?
- I can make a better process for this
- Here’s how we can automate that.
- Here’s how we can report on this project

Duties include:
- Accurately measure performance using our analytics tools
- Create and test landing pages
- Develop innovative ways to grow the user base and acquire clients
- Coordinate the marketing team and ensure projects are being completed effectively and on time
- Not scared of coming up with new ideas
- Passion about finding growth using your area of expertise
- Ability to learn quickly

Preferred 3-5 years of experience should include:
- Demonstrated experience successfully managing a small team
- Managed multiple projects at the same time
- Understanding of all marketing channels
- Copywriting
- Writing engaging blog posts and customer updates
- Working in a SAAS or e-commerce company (inbound marketing, traffic generation, growth hacking)
- Setting up sales funnels and conversion tracking (Leadpages, Google Analytics)
- Running effective A/B Testing (
- Deep understanding of analytics

Perks include:
- Freedom to work remote from wherever you are
- Being part of a hardworking, collaborative, and experienced team
- Joining a fast-growing company
- Annual retreat in a different country every year
- Hilarious co-workers from around the world
- Growth and development opportunities

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