South Dakota Student Nurses Association Florence Nightingale Support $1000 Scholarship
This application is open to all students in their junior or senior year and/or their last year of a nursing program in a South Dakota accredited college or university. The applicant need not be a member of any local or national nursing organization. Applicants may apply for both the Florence Nightingale Support Scholarship and the Nursing Leadership Scholarship; however, they can only be awarded one. Please submit a short essay for each of the individual questions following. Each answer should be no more than 200 words. This is due February 28, 2021.
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1. Why did you choose to pursue nursing as a career?
2. Reflect on what this quote means to you in the aspect of nursing: “Let whoever is in charge keep this simple question in [their] head: not, how can I always do this right thing myself, but how can I provide for this right thing to be always done?”- Florence Nightingale
3. What are your short and long term career goals?
4. Describe a time you witnessed or created a healing environment and how it impacted you.
5. Describe why you would be a good candidate for this scholarship and how receiving this scholarship would be of assistance to you.
• Completed application form • Complete cover letter • Three letters of recommendation. A nursing instructor must complete one of these letters. In order for us to consider your application, it is required that you provide the requested documents by February 28, 2021. Please email all requested documents to:
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