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Across the globe, more than 516.6 million students (as of March 18, 2020) are currently not attending school due to nationwide and localized school closures in efforts to control the spread of Covid-19. Unfortunately, that number is expected to increase over the coming weeks, as more countries and cities shutter schools indefinitely.

As governments continue to grapple with the challenges of the current pandemic, the unique problems posed by long-term school closures will likely be significant for students from underserved communities. Many schools have begun to adapt and implement distance learning solutions; however, the majority of students worldwide have been left without distance learning infrastructures, relevant approved digital content and hardware.

Provisional solutions can and should be designed. As an early emergency response, the Innovation Development Directorate at EAA is compiling a list of learning resources in several languages to help guide parents, guardians and stakeholders.

The Directorate welcomes recommendations and encourages you to submit resources (digital or not) to update the list. We're looking for primarily free resources that can either work offline/with minimal connectivity for all ages.

The current list can be found here:!/news/eaa-provides-home-learning-support-for-parents-and-guardians
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