GlobalPittsburgh Homestay Program Overview and Application Form

- While GlobalPittsburgh promises to make our best effort to find you the best available host family, we cannot guarantee to place you with a host family that meets all your requirements, nor do we guarantee that we will find you a host family to accept you.

- The USA is a multi-cultural country with people from different backgrounds that makes us unique as a country. All host families speak English. The American family may not be what you expect. There are many different kinds of families involved: retired couples, single-parent families, single individuals, widows, multi-racial and multi-cultural families, same-sex couples as well as traditional families. But whether they are young or old, with or without children, they all share a strong interest in international students and cross-cultural communication. Many of them have traveled or lived abroad, so they can identify with you. They are excited to welcome you into their homes and assist you in your adjustment to life here.

- The majority of families in the U.S. have pets - cats and/or dogs - that are treated as family members.

- Generally, GlobalPittsburgh arranges homestays with local families for up to 6 months. However, if both you and your host family would like to continue the homestay, it can be extended.

- Host families may or may not cook regularly. We have different rates for a homestay with and without meals. In case your host family does not cook and you agree to provide your own meals, you are responsible for buying your own groceries and personal care products. Your host family will be willing to take you to the grocery store with them when they go food shopping. When a host family cooks regularly and you wish to have meals with the family, your homestay compensation rate will be higher.

- Do not expect your host family to pick you up from the airport. While some people have the availability to do so, most of our hosts work during the day and it is not convenient for them to drive to the airport and back. There are other easy ways of getting from the airport to your host's house, such as Super Shuttle services, Uber or Lyft (smartphone application), taxi.

- If you arrive in Pittsburgh later than 9:00 p.m., please expect to stay the first night at the hotel. Most host family members work or go to school that starts early in the morning, and/or have small children; your late arrival in their home may be disruptive for their routine.

- Do not expect your host family to drive you daily. Pittsburgh is called a city of neighborhoods. While the major businesses and colleges are located in the city, many people live outside of the city. Most of our host families live close to bus and trolley lines. You should expect that the one-way bus ride to your college/internship may take up to 45 minutes. The bus fare is $2.50 one way if you purchase a Connect card or $2.75 if you pay cash. Your host family will show you the closest bus stop and will help you use the bus schedule. Some universities provide bus passes to their students.

- All our host families have wireless internet in their homes. You may also get wifi access at your university, public library, and at almost every coffee shop.

- In case of any major damage to the host family’s house or other property that you intentionally or accidentally may cause, please be ready to take full or partial financial responsibility.

- If you have any questions, concerns or problems while staying with your host family that you cannot discuss directly with them, please contact Nadya Kessler at


- Fees and payments associated with the homestays are the same for everybody regardless of their age, occupation, income, etc. Compensation is also the same regardless of the location of the house you will be living in.

- All fees and homestay compensations will be paid to GlobalPittsburgh upon receiving an electronic invoice. We accept payments online, in cash, and checks sent or delivered to our office located at 305 34th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. All checks should be made to GlobalPittsburgh.

- We require a 50% deposit of the homestay placement fee when the application is submitted. You will receive an electronic invoice for the deposit. We will not be able to process your application and start securing a host family until the deposit is paid. The rest of the deposit is to be paid immediately after the host family is secured, you connect with them by email and confirm that you would like to stay with this host. The deposit will be refunded on a rare occasion if we are not able to find a host family for you.

- Compensation for a homestay is to be paid one week before the student arrives in his host family's home and at the beginning of each consecutive month of the homestay.
GlobalPittsburgh guarantees timely payments to the host families on behalf of the guests.

FEES AND COMPENSATION RATES for homestays starting on and after January 1, 2020:

Placement fee (includes membership for 1 year) if applied 30 or more days in advance - $200

Placement fee (includes membership for 1 year) if applied less than 30 days in advance - $250

Compensation for 1 full month without meals - $600. If you are staying for less than one month, your compensation will be prorated to the actual number of days you will stay at your host's home and calculated at $23/day.

Compensation for 1 month with breakfast and dinner - $800. If you are staying for less than one month, your compensation will be prorated to the actual number of days you will stay at your host's home and calculated at $30/day.

Compensation for 1 month with breakfast and dinner and the opportunity to pack lunch - $900. If you are staying for less than one month, your compensation will be prorated to the actual number of days you will stay at your host's home and calculated at $35/day.


1. After reviewing the terms of the program above please fill in this application form.

2. Once received, we will send you a confirmation and may ask you some questions if anything needs to be clarified.

3. You will receive an invoice for 50% of the homestay placement fee. Once the first payment is received, we will start the matching process. Based on your preferences, we will seek the best available host family for you.

4. Within the next 10 days, we will offer you one or more host families that are available and connect you with them via email so that you may connect and introduce yourself. You will have 2-3 days to make a decision about whether you would like to stay with them.

5. If you decide to stay with the host family we find for you, you will receive the invoice for the second part of your homestay placement fee.

6. After you book your flight and confirm the dates of your homestay (at least the day of your arrival), we will send you the payment schedule. We require monthly homestay payments starting 7 days prior to your arrival and then every consecutive month. The monthly compensation depends on whether you choose a homestay with meals or without.

If you need assistance with estimating your homestay payment, please do not hesitate to contact Nadya Kessler at
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