Spikes2Utah Survey and Letter Form
Thank you for being a part of this historic effort to get the Golden Spike back to Utah!
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Do you believe The Golden Spike, The Silver Spike, and the silver maul used in the 1869 ceremony of the completion of the transcontinental railroad belong in Utah? (optional)
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You may write and submit your letter to the Cantor Arts Center here, requesting that they loan the Golden Spike, Silver Spike, and silver maul to the Museum of Utah.  We will make sure it gets to them!  (You can also send a hand-written letter to Neil Armstrong Academy in West Valley City, Utah, if you would prefer, and we will send it to California for you!)
Keep your letter cheerful and respectful.  Be sure to include some of the following points:
  • These artifacts are a special part of our state's history.
  • Utah is where the joining of the transcontinental railroad happened in 1869, and history made in Utah belongs in Utah.
  • As students and the public learn Utah's history, they would be able to come see these artifacts in person.
  • The spikes and maul would be proudly displayed and protected in our new Museum of Utah, opening in 2026.
  • Share why having the spikes and maul here in Utah is important to you!
  • Request that they offer The Golden Spike, The Silver Spike, and the silver maul for long-term loan to the Museum of Utah (we are not asking for ownership).
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