Key Worker - CST Parent Survey
In preparation for any future national or local lockdowns, please fill in this form immediately after receiving it and identify if you are a key worker and you have no-one else at home who can look after your children.
Please identify the nature of the occupation for you or any adults in your household. Where possible, we will be cross-checking this information. Please be truthful to help the national effort. I regret that if you fail or refuse to provide this information your child will not be allowed into school in the event of another lockdown.
What school does your child attend? *
If you have children in more than one of our schools please just choose the school of your eldest child.
How many children attend one of our schools *
What is the full name of your eldest child at this school *
They are in Year: *
Parent Carer 1 Name *
Parent Carer 1 Occupation *
Parent Carer 2 Name
Parent Carer 2 Occupation
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If you are a key worker, do you intend to send your child/children into school? *
Additional Information
Please provide any additional information that supports your claim for your child or children to be looked after in school in the event of another lockdown
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