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Do you have a quote or a book you would like to suggest for our project? We would love to include it in the project. It helps us the most if you have a quote and citation information including the author, title, date, and page numbers. But we are also happy to work with your suggestions if the bibliographic information is not complete. Please remember: we are only including texts written during or about prior pandemics, such as the bubonic plague and the global influenza pandemic of 1918-19.
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Write a quote you would like to see in the project. We are especially interested in quotes that have a count of 1 to 300 characters. If you do not have a quote to suggest, but would like to suggest a book, poem, play, or essay you can skip to the next question.
What is the title of the book/play/essay/poem where you found your suggested quote? Or, if you would just like to suggest a book/play/essay/poem, enter its title here.
Who is the author of the quote/book/etc. you are suggesting?
Please include additional citation information about your quote here: publication date, page numbers, URL where the book, play, or essay can be downloaded, translators, and so on.
Is this a book we are already citing in the bibliography?
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