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We welcome all who provide transportation services in Lorain County to request to be listed on our list of transportation services offered throughout Lorain County. Keep in mind that because we desire people to be safe, we are asking questions that we will also encourage riders to ask before taking rides from private transportation services.

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We encourage you to check with the local municipality where your business resides to ensure that you have completed all the necessary permits. For example, the City of Eyria has a taxi permit that should be completed by anyone who transports people within the City of Elyria as a business. This permit is through the Elyria Police Department. It requires a background check and vehicle service reviews as well.

Also, keep in mind that unless you work for Uber/Lyft and are on the clock, your regular automobile insurance may not cover you in an accident. In addition, if you drive without proper commercial transportation insurance, your insurance company may drop you as a client. If you desire more information about commercial insurance, we encourage you to talk with your insurance agent or contact Mindy Nielsen at Ryan St. Marie Insurance by phone at 440-822-3003 or by email at She is an active member of the Lorain County Chamber of Commerce.
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Lorain County Mobility Management and United Way of Greater Lorain County reserve the right to thoroughly review each request and make the decision to list or not list a transportation service on our site. If we decide not to post your transportation service or we remove it we will let you know. All services will be posted within 2 weeks of receiving a request on the website under Transportation Options. The following disclaimer will be added to the list:

Lorain County Mobility United Way of Lorain County does not endorse any of these services, receives no compensation for referrals and is not otherwise connected to the listed services, but rather provides them as a public service. Furthermore, United Way of Greater Lorain County accepts no responsibility for the quality of the services and disclaims all liability for any act of negligence or intentional misconduct by the service or its agents.
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