Sheep Benchmarking Research Survey
Hello, we are three Olds College students currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science Agribusiness Degree program. As part of our applied research studies we are conducting a survey to collect data that will be used to create production benchmarks for the sheep industry. Thank you in advance for participating in this study. All of this information will be kept confidential, anonymous and only used for this research purpose which will assist Dr. Susan Markus, Livestock Research Scientist, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry in collaboration with Alberta Lamb Producers to design sheep industry benchmarks for flock managers' future use.

Note: This survey will be closed Feb 28th 2020
How many breeding ewes are in your current operation? *
What breed(s) of sheep do you raise (please list)? Is your flock commercial or purebred?
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How do you keep records on your flock? *
Are you aware of any current benchmarking programs that are available to producers? *
Are you aware of how your flock is performing compared to other producers? *
How many times a year do you lamb? *
What is your pregnancy rate for exposed ewes? (Number of pregnant ewes/total ewes exposed to rams) *
Number of ewes per ram? *
How often do you purchase new breeding rams? *
Which month does your lambing season(s) begin? *
What is the length of your lambing season *
What is the average lambing rate of your flock per lambing season (average lambs born per ewe)? *
What is your average death rate of lambs at lambing? *
What age do you wean your lambs at? *
What is your average weaning weight? *
How are your sheep marketed? *
What is the average weight of your lambs when you ship them? *
What is the average price per head you receive on your lambs? *
What is an average lifespan for ewes in your flock *
On a scale from 1-10 (1 being very unhealthy and 10 being very healthy), how would you rate the overall health of your flock? *
Do you vaccinate your flock? *
What percentage of your farm income is from sheep production?
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What is something you would like your flock to improve on? *
We will be conducting interviews and a focus group to discuss more about this topic, would you be interested? *
If you answered yes to the last question, can you type your contact information (Name, phone number or email below).
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