Registration: #ThankfulThursday
It's time for you to #PassYourGratitudeON!
TAKE the Global #ThankfulThursday Challenge so you can see the difference gratitude makes:
What do you do? It's simple!

1. STOP.
2. WRITE. Take some time to write a thank you note (or more) to anyone tyou are thankful for and explain WHY. If you are at a school, you can just give students/staff 10 or so minutes. This doesn't have to take a long time, just a little. (Tally the thank yous when notes are written.)
3 SHARE. Deliver your thank yous! At school: have students deliver their own notes. This keeps it simple.

Report your count online. That is IT!
Post pics to Twitter and Facebook!

WATCH the TEDxABQ Education Event encore live stream! Go to 330 to see Melinda's radical idea! See:

WATCH this news report about my project:

Let's start a GLOBAL REVOLUTION of POSITIVITY this #ThankfulThursday!

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