SSCP Internship Hotel/Airbnb Match-Ups
Interested in finding fellow students to travel and/or share Airbnb/hotel rooms with during internship interviews? If so, please fill out the information below!

A separate form must be submitted for each interview location.

IMPORTANT: Once you complete your information, you will be taken to a page with information on how to access the document with other student's requests and information. You then can contact other students who are requesting the same date(s) and location(s) to coordinate your hotel plans!

A NOTE ABOUT SAFETY: Please note that by filling out this form, you are providing permission to share your name, email address, and other information with others who fill out the form (i.e., anyone with a link to the results can view this information). While we are requesting an institutional email from everyone, SSCP is unable to verify participants’ identities. Please be cautious and make sure you know who you are interacting with when coordinating room shares. We strongly encourage you to vet the people you are considering staying with. You are in no way obligated to room with someone who makes you uncomfortable in any way or with whom you do not feel safe.

Additionally, SSCP is not responsible for any room shares that fall through last minute (i.e., due to weather, travel, etc.).
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