(some of us hear the music when we read those words... ta dah dah daaaa....)

YAY! Love is winning!

We're in the last 7 days of this year's campaign, and you've all been amazing! Thank you for all you've done so far!

Now, we are going to blanket this district with faces that love, that act, that vote, and that win!
Can you be part of this effort? If you CAN commit 1 hour to lit drop this week, please drop in your email address below...and choose your turf location! If you can commit to a full day of lit dropping for GOTV weekend, AWESOME. We need you. We have 10,000 doors to hit in one weekend. Let's go!
What's your preferred turf?
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Would you like to do more than one turf? (each turf should be ~1 hour)
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Would you be willing to do some phone banking this week?
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